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 [anglais] Trick or treat !

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MessageSujet: [anglais] Trick or treat !    [anglais]   Trick or treat !  EmptyJeu 23 Mar 2017 - 15:59

- Let me out ! Let me out, you bloody bitch !
- It's witch, not bitch my dear...

I looked at my stepmother as if my eyes could thraw lightnings. I was so angry !
Even now, after all she had already done, she managed to ruin my life !
After giving me this f**ing apple because I was too pretty, now she had kidnapped me to recover a ransom to pay her cosmetic surgery !
Ho, I hated her so much !

- Let me out ! Or I swear, you will pay for it ! I will cut your your tongue and make you eat it !
- Don't waste you energy darling. You wil do nothing, replied her. You can't escape from this cellar, and no one can hear your lovely voice. You will stay here until your stupids partners give me the ransom So keep quiet !
- You are ugly, your nose is twisted, you have cellulite and greasy hair and I hate you !

I tried to move my arms, but she had tied them very hard. She was right, I couldn't do anything else but wait.
But patience is not my primary quality...

Then, she grabed her bag and told me :
- I'll be back soon my dear, stay calm

I replied with anger :
- Yes, leave and go to hell as***le !

She laughed and closed the door, leaving me in darkness.
What would happen to me ?
What are the members of my group doing ?
Had tey decided to pay the ransom ?
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MessageSujet: Re: [anglais] Trick or treat !    [anglais]   Trick or treat !  EmptySam 29 Avr 2017 - 17:41

Another day, same routine.
After some works at the farm, Margot goes to the wood and spends her evening in her lair. For few weeks, contracts are not plentiful. A surveillance on one hand, a little magical bear hunting on the other hand. And nothing else except waiting a real deal. For Margot, a real deal is a witch hunting who finish by witch's dead in the best-case scenario, or at worst, a banishment after remove her power.
Finaly, this night, Margot has what she's expect since around two mounths. A band arrives to Margot's lair, with a story and a ransom.
Margot is sit behind her impressive desk covered by a lot of magicals books, potions flasks, skulls of strangest creatures used like a paperweight. Her avenger mask on her face, she's listening the band's story. Not very fascinating, their story. But… she'll do the trick. A witch hunting, even small, is a real deal.

- Keep your ransom. Give the money is not my habit. Usually, my price is an exchange of services. But today, my price will be the head of this witch. Or her power, if I can take it. Maybe, both.

The band exults. Margot disheartens them immediately.

- However, if something bad happen, if I'm hurt, if your friend doesn't cooperate and prevents me to win my due… I take the ransom. If she already dead or dies during the rescue because she doesn't listen to me, I take the ransom too. And I disclaim all responsability.

The band accepted without conditions and leaves the lair. Margot stays few minutes to choose her weapons and sum up the kidnapping. After all, she doesn't have a lot of detail about the witch, the place of the exchange between ransom and victim.

Margot goes to the exchange with a empty bag, to simulate the ransom. Upon arrival, she keeps silent and observes hidden in a tree. To her great surprise, she recognize the witch, known under the name of Evil Queen. Margot mumbles a swearword. It's more complicated. This witch still governs the neighbor kingdom despite barrier ending.

Margot doesn't appear. She stays in the tree and miss the date. Annoyed, the witch makes a U-turn and returns to her hiding place. Discreetly, Margot follows the witch and finds the place where the victim is. When the witch is in her lair, Margot hits at the door as if nothing had happend.

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[anglais]   Trick or treat !  Jules_10 [anglais]   Trick or treat !  Lou_bl10 [anglais]   Trick or treat !  White_10

Date d'inscription : 23/08/2014
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MessageSujet: Re: [anglais] Trick or treat !    [anglais]   Trick or treat !  EmptyVen 19 Mai 2017 - 14:09

How long did I stayed here in the dark ? Alone ? Like an old bag, lying on the floor ?
I screamed ans cried, with no results.
I knew no one could hear me, but I could'nt stay quiet.
I was so angry !
*Ho, if someone could confront her and kill her, I swear I will give him a kiss he will never forget !*
Anything to get away from here and be rid of my evil stepmother !

Then, I heard a noise. But my hope tranformed in despair as I saw my stepmother came back. She seemed not really happy though, which conforted me.

She loked at me and spite in my direction :

- Those you call FRIENDS don't seem to care a lot about you. Nobody came up to pay the ransom. It sounds like they prefer to hire a new singer !

I looked away, no saying anything. I was sure there was another explanation, that tey have not abandonned me.
Almost sure.

That whats she wanted, to make me doubt. And I was not giving her that pleasure !
So I gave her my most beautiful smile.
She seemed to hesitate to slap me, but, at that moment, someone knocked ont the door.

She turned back, exclaiming herself :

- Who can knock on my door like that ?

Then she approached the door and asked loudly :

- Who is it ?
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MessageSujet: Re: [anglais] Trick or treat !    [anglais]   Trick or treat !  Empty

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[anglais] Trick or treat !
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